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Hazardous Waste Disposal Liverpool

As the 2009 amendments to the 2005 Hazardous Waste Regulations say, any premises that generate over 500kg of hazardous waste in a 12 month period must notify to the Environment Agency.

It is very important that you are competent to classify your waste accurately, as erroneously believing something to be non hazardous can place your business at financial risk and has a good chance of damaging the surroundings — just call us and we will be happy to inform you on this if you are uncertain.

If you are aware your waste is classified as dangerous, then you should arrange the right removal and disposal of the stuff using a documented and seasoned company.

Liverpool Waste Management are dedicated to providing a hazardous waste collection service that ensures your waste is packaged safely for transport and disposed of correctly.

With hazardous waste, it is very important that all right processes are followed, and that’s why our uniformed, committed staff use specialist packaging and vehicles to take care of your hazardous waste correctly and carefully. In addition , we deal with emergency call-outs too, so if your matter is an urgent one, we will be on hand to solve the issue as quickly as possible.

To find out more regarding our hazardous waste collection and removal service, get in touch with us now and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Various substances fall under the category of ‘dangerous’ waste, including:

Clinical Waste
Condemned Foodstuffs
Gas Cylinders
Glass Group
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